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5th Grade Eagle Bluff Trip

Eagle Bluff is a residential environmental learning center which means they are like a school and a camp and a nature center.  The campus is located in Lanesboro, Minnesota.  They believe that together they can make a difference by connecting people to the natural world through experiential learning and positive outdoor experiences.  They do this through lots of different programs but our most popular is the trip that our 5th graders are about to take.

Eagle Bluff specializes in transformative educational experiences. Our students witness first-hand that a visit to Eagle Bluff:

  • Fosters a sense of respect, stewardship and community: live and learn with peers and teachers.
  • Imparts life skills such as teamwork and problem solving: face challenges and find success together.
  • Increases environmental & academic literacy: dive into accredited curriculum aligned to state standards and STEM principles.
  • Promotes positive outdoor experiences: experience the outdoors with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff.
  • Sparks curiosity and appreciation for the natural world: see the Big Dipper, hear toads at the pond, or hold a bird in your hand.

Students stay in their dormitory. The dorms of Eagle Bluff have beds for 8 people. Each room is same gender only and teachers will make room assignments prior to the stay.

The dorm rooms have:

  • four bunkbeds
  • a spacious cubby space to hang up all their things,
  • a separate private shower and bathroom in the room,
  • and a nightlight, if needed.

Students from Randolph Heights that have attended this field trip have said it was one of the most memorable experiences from elementary school.