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Sheng Chang

Here's Sheng, 2/2004 I'm Shenggo Changstyle and I'm just like an old person from Expo...Expo is just an awesome school for me and everybody else. Well just a couple comments. Expo gave me a lot of success and advice that really makes me a smart person for the junior high and yes maybe the senior too. It also taught me a lot of stuff and gave me a lot of time to concentrate before going to the harder stuff... I was in Expo for 5th and 6th grade and now I'm a 7th grader and I go to Highland Park Junior High School.

Well I just wanted to stop by and tell everybody how much I love these funny people/staff and how much I enjoyed being an old member from this school...Okay then Bye...I hope you guys love and enjoy my page...

By:Shenggo Changstyle
Keiko Chang