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May Garden Thyme News

Happy May!  May it bring more warmth, sunshine and flowers! 

Plant Distribution Day has moved to Tuesday, May 24 due to the cool, cloudy weather.  Pick-up is from 3:30-5:30pm at Humboldt High School parking lot.  More details at 
Every School With a Garden Fill Out This Awesome Form so we know who to expect to come for Plant Distribution Day, and make sure we have enough seedlings.  In addition, it asks for information on who will be the summer coordinator for the garden.  Thanks in advance for your help!  
Start recruiting for Summer Care volunteers! If your school garden is accessible during the summer, reach out to families, neighbors and staff to care for the garden.  It's helpful to volunteers to give it some structure.  See two strategies to recruit and track weekly volunteers at  (just below Plant Pick-up info) 
Shoutout what's happening in the garden!  Share with staff and families what's happening in the garden through pictures and short descriptions.  What might classrooms come to see or discover when they come to visit the garden?  
Did you already plant in the garden?  Please share pictures and stories of gardening!  It fills our bucket sooo much!  
Mulchingly yours!  Kirsten
Post Script - Kirsten is looking for volunteers to help out with Plant Distribution Day (aka Plant Pick-up).  It is scheduled for Tuesday, May 24th from 3:30-5:30pm at Humboldt High School. She also needs assistance with delivery of plants the following morning (at 8:30am). If you or someone you know is available and interested, please contact Kirsten Saylor at