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Virtual Staff Meditation

Would you like to manage your stress in a healthy, productive way and increase your resilience? The daily practice of meditation can lead to better decision-making and help you to be less distracted, more focused, and less consumed by the mental chatter that consumes much of our energy.  

SPPS is offering a weekday daily online 20-minute meditation practice with yoga and meditation teacher Carrie Garcia (Carrie Your Yogi). Carrie is a success coach, yoga and meditation teacher (RYT 560+ hours), and a special education teacher in the district. She is a Zen Buddhist and teaches at the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center. She brings her passion for yoga and mindfulness to adults and youth with an intention to decrease racism, bullying, isolation, and anxiety and increase compassion, connection, and well-being. 

Join her via zoom M- F (she will follow the SPPS teacher calendar) from 7-7:20 a.m. A Zoom link will be included in the email you receive after you sign up. Sign up any time between now and May 20. Join when you can (daily, weekly, monthly) and increase your resilience! 

Carrie looks forward to helping you set a positive intention for self-care for 2022 by creating a regular meditation practice.

To get started, click on the link below to register: