Kaw Mu

Landscape of Burma

This landscape is of Karen Country. It is located in Burma. My parents are from Burma. They left Burma to go to Thailand. I was born in Thailand. I left there in September, 2014 to come to the United States.

This landscape is my drawing from what I think Burma looks like. Karen people had to leave Burma because soldiers had a war with Karen people. Now I live in the United States.

I think about the place in my landscape. The thing that is important to me is Karen clothes and Karen culture. When I left Thailand I brought with me my Karen clothes. I bought them in a Karen store in the refugee camp.

I don’t wear them everyday, but I wear them when it’s a special day. I wear them on Sundays when I go to church. It’s okay to wear them each day if you want to. My mom still makes Karen clothes and sometimes I wear them, but I wear the ones I buy in the Karen store in St. Paul, too.