April 2020

Posted by Eric Xiong on 4/10/2020

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Spring Break was supposed to be March 30-April 3.  However, many of us were grounded, meaning we couldn't go anywhere due to the Governor's #stayathome executive order.  I was planning to go down to Arizona for a few days but had to cancel due to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Did most of you stayed home like I did over Spring Break as well?  What did you do that was fun?

Since March 16-27, Governor Tim Walz had ordered all non-essential workers to work from home.  This included teachers so schools were closed and teachers packed their belongings to begin working from home. This was a new beginning for most, if not all of us.  Teachers and all the support staff were given two weeks to prepare for the Distance Learning challenge, students were handed their iPads to take home so they can use for their online learning and meals were literally on wheels as our Food Service personnels delivered food to bus stops or had parents picked up meals for their child.  This felt confusing, challenging but optimistic at the same time. 

School was resumed on April 6 with most students working from home.  I say most because I didn't see all students working on their online assignments.  It must be hard for everyone but we will get through this if everyone puts forth their best efforts.

In the next month, second graders will finish their Shuttle and then start on their Big Book project.  First graders will be working on a Coat of Arms assignment and Kindergarten will continue on their Dinosaur picture.  At the same time, everyone should spend 10-15 minutes on their Keyboarding (typing) and Coding activities.

Third & Fourth graders are working on a designing a Mission Patch.  This is actually a third grade project but since fourth graders have not been exposed to designing with shapes in Keynote, this would be a good time for them to learn.  Fifth graders are using the same skills to design a Logo.

As we embark on this new opportunity, I encourage for everyone to do their best with the situation at hand.  Provide lots of hugs & kisses!  Stay home and be safe!