July 2020

Posted by Ying Xiong on 7/15/2020

Tax Day today!  What does that tell ya!  Everyone's schedule has been effected by COVID-19 one way or another.  Normally, Tax Day is April 15 but this year it was moved back due to this pandemic.  June came by and gone and I didn't even get to blink an eye.  I thought by not being able to do much, time would move a little slower but I guess it's even moving faster than I thought.

Well, what did you do after school was let out?  It was disheartening to witnessed the death of George Floyd on social media and on tv.  It was a sad day for America ask this incident instigated riots and looting across the nation.  I know we as a nation can do better but it starts with each and everyone of us.  We need to be vigilant and speak up when it's wrong.  As well, we need to acknowledged what is right so that peace will not be overshadowed by darkness.  Speaking of darkness, COVID-19 has taken the life of St. Paul Publc Schools' Board Chair, Marney Xiong, last month.  She was only 31 years old.  I hope everyone is safe and well!

In June, I got to watch my youngest son graduate from high school via streaming.  I know if was not live because I son was out fishing and could not make it back in time.  It was nice to watch the kids I had taught and coached at Farnsworth graduate from high school as well.  Also, I pretty much played golf most days to relieve stress and get my much needed vitamin D supplements.  I played in 4 golf tournaments and didn't didn't placed at all in 3 of them.  However, I did play well enough on a scramble tournament and got 10th place at Midland Hills Country Club, a private golf course by the U of M's golf course.  I will soon be learning some cool stuff to prepare for next school year.  Can't wait to show you guys what it is..provided we get back into the classroom this coming fall. 

Recently, my family went to rest at a resort for four days.  The boys fished everyday and I got to golf two times.  We ate so much food!  It was very relaxing up in Alexandria, MN.

Tell me what you did so far this summer.  Be safe and hope to see you soon!

 resorteating  eating at Lake Darling Resort

birdieputt  made a birdie putt

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