What will happen if the voters do or do not approve the levy increase?

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If voters approve the request, the funding would help:

  • Invest more in schools and student needs at all grade levels
  • Implement the District’s Strategic Plan to increase achievement for all students
  • Increase mental health and social-emotional learning support for students
  • Create middle schools designed to meet the academic and developmental needs of this age group and better prepare them for high school and beyond
  • Limit additional budget cuts

If voters do not approve the request, SPPS will face continued multimillion-dollar budget cuts, likely resulting in:

  • Cuts to programs that help students struggling with basic academic skills
  • Cuts to staff and academic programs in all schools
  • Cuts to the number of classroom aides, clerical, custodial, administrative and other support staff throughout the District
  • Severely limiting the District’s ability to implement its new community-supported Strategic Plan