What is the link between the referendum request and the district’s Strategic Plan?

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Resources from a successful referendum would help support the work outlined in the Strategic Plan, which we are in the midst of creating based on extensive community and staff input. If voters do not approve the referendum, it will severely limit our ability to implement our Strategic Plan.
This robust plan will guide our work and help us meet a number of long-term student outcomes to increase achievement for all students. The graphic below shows the layers of work in the Strategic Plan, including:
  • How the long-term outcomes are supported by focus areas (categories of work to get done).
  • Each focus area has objectives (what we are trying to accomplish) and initiatives (the work we will do to achieve the objectives).
This fall, action teams will create action plans for each initiative and also be responsible for their implementation once approved. These action plans will include timelines, performance measures, roles and responsibilities and stakeholder input. View larger image.
Updated Plan 9-10