Does the operating levy increase impact students who attend private and charter schools?

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Public schools provide many services available to non-public and charter school students. Any SPPS budget increase or decrease can impact the level, availability and/or quality of services available for all children in Saint Paul. For example, SPPS provides:

  • Early childhood screening for any pre-kindergarten child who lives in Saint Paul.
  • School bus transportation for approximately 1,000 non-public school students.
  • Additional services for students – such as special education or home-based education due to extended illness – regardless of what  type of school they attend.
  • Health services to nearly two dozen non-public schools.

In addition:

  • Many students may enroll in a SPPS at some point throughout PreK-12 even if they also attend a non-public or charter school.
  • Many non-public students receive early childhood or special education services through SPPS.
  • Research shows that public school quality is one of the most important determinants of home value.