What’s the difference between the city, county and school levies?

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Every fall, the city, county and school district set their annual levies. These levies determine the amount that property taxpayers will pay to help fund each entity’s operating costs. 
  • For SPPS, this annual levy certification is a critical part of how we fund our schools, staffing and programs.
  • Unlike the city and the county, school districts are limited by state law as to the amount they can levy each year. That’s why school districts must turn to local voters to approve additional funding through referendums on the November ballot. On the upcoming November 6 ballot is a request to voters to increase the school district’s operating levy for additional funding beyond the annual levy.
  • The city, county and school district each set their own levy percentage increase. However, the percentages should not be added together to determine total tax impact on a home, and the levy increase percent is not equal to the percent increase in taxes paid.
  • You can determine the amount your taxes will increase if voters approve SPPS’ operating levy request by referring to this chart