2016 & 2017 Minnesota Teacher of the Year Semifinalist

Minnesota Teacher of the Year Nominee 2016

I am honored and thrilled to be among the 114 candidates nominated for the 2016 Minnesota Teacher of the Year award. During the next few weeks, a 25-member panel of community leaders will name a group of semifinalists and then finalists and the 2016 Teacher of the Year will be named May 15. That person will go on to be a candidate for the National Teacher of the Year. I'm very excited to have been nominated by former students, colleagues, along with past and present families. The nomination is not only a reflection on me, but it is a testament to the the wonderful colleagues that I have been privileged too work and the support my students and families have shown me. Thank you.

Education Minnesota Foundation CLR Grant Recipient
In December 2015, I applied for a $2,000 grant for the further development of my education learning trunks we use in our #CHCougars classroom. On February 2, 2016 I was notified that I have received the grant! This is wonderful news for our students, as they will be able to interact with more artifacts and participate in many more hands on actives. The money will help further develop our Civil War Trunk, jump start our WWII Trunk and start our Immigration Trunk. I am currently locating artifacts that will help enhance the learning experience for my students. If you have artifacts that you would like to donate, please feel free to let me know!