Catherine B. Reynolds Civil War Teachers Fellowships

Civil War Washington Teachers Fellowship

Last spring, I announced that I would be spending time in Washington D.C. this summer as a Catherine B. Reynolds, Ford's Theatre Civil War Washington Teachers Fellow. The experience was simply amazing. Along with 19 of the nations best and brightest educators, we learned about the role Washington D.C. played during the Civil War and received behind the scenes looks of places likes Ford's Theatre, Lincoln's Cottage, the Fredrick Douglass House and more! As a part of the fellowship, I designed a lesson plan that will be shared with educators throughout the country. I'll continue to collaborate with my fellow fellows and will be creating several more lesson plans for Ford's Theatre and Lincoln's Cottage. If you want to see what my trip was like, check out the Twitter feed for #TeachCivilWar 
Take a look at the lesson plan that I developed for Ford's Theatre and Lincoln's Cottage
document #TeachCivilWar Live Tweeting Lesson Plan   --  Imagine what the Civil War would have been like had the soldiers, nurses, civilians, etc. had social media like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and twitter. This exercise allows students to transform the Civil War period into the modern information age. Through primary and secondary research, students have an opportunity to create historic fictions in a series of 140 character tweets to tell the emotion, anger, fears, etc. and more. while showcasing actual evidence from different resources.