Minnesota Geography: Biomes and Places

Throughout this unit, students will learn about Minnesota's physical and built landscape. With four biomes, Minnesota has one of the most diverse landscapes in the entire country. We'll learn about why the northstar state is known as the land of 10,000 lakes. We'll hypothesize why different regions are more populated than other places in our state and try to determine what role the built landscape will have on the development or possible destruction of some of our states most enduring areas. 

We will be exploring many of these links in and out of class. Explore them and start to familiarize yourself with it's content. 

Minnesota Biomes

  • DNR biomes site: This is a great interactive site to show the different biomes in Minnesota and to learn about the ecosystems in each region.
  • U of M biomes site: This site also includes additional links to images and more information.