What are the approximate times and the corners?

The following are corners and approximate times of patrol crossings for the 2019-20 school year:


  • (6:55am)      Cleveland and Hartford (AT PRESENT, THIS CORNER IS NOT AN OPTION, DUE TO LACK OF PATROLS)
  • (6:55am)      Highland Pkwy and Cretin (Patrols cannot use flags to cross at Cretin, due to safety concerns. Walkers must cross Cretin as pedestrians, using crosswalks, when possible)
  • (6:55 am)     **Bayard and Fairview (Line starts at Bayard, then goes to Josephine Pl, to Eleanor Ave, then to school) 
  • (7:05am)      Kenneth and Ford Pkwy
  • (7:05am)      Cleveland and Highland Pkwy
  • (7:10am)      Kenneth and Eleanor


** = Unofficial flexible walking line. Route and times are determined by Patrols and families.  


NOTE: Patrols cannot use their flags to cross walkers across Fairview or Cretin, due to safety concerns. They must cross these streets as pedestrians, using crosswalks when necessary.


Walking students meet at the corner of Eleanor and Wilder and the corner of Kenneth and Eleanor at the end of the school day.  Students will walk home with patrol members from there.