I Am SPPS: Lauvuataw (Luther), Senior at Johnson Senior High School

Luther "My first plan is to finish college. I’m going to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities for my four years and hopefully get my bachelors degree. I hope to gain experience by having not just my studies, but also doing internships or job opportunities that could really help me do what I really strive for. I’m really undecided at the moment, but through my internship last summer, I did business and marketing. So I’m hoping that if I can gain the experience, I’m able to go into the business area. I’m nervous about the college transition, so it’s about finding my own independence and my own self." - Lauvuataw (Luther), tennis captain; senior class board treasurer; member of LINK Crew, Johnson Multicultural Culture Club, Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), and student at Johnson Senior High.