Victoria, a Senior at Washington Technology Magnet School


“I try to challenge myself. One thing I found out about myself is that I get bored really easily. Back in elementary school I was the kid who got the highest MCA score, but at the same time got all the pink slips, all the disciplinary slips. At the end of the year I would have a huge stack, like the thickness of my palm or something. You read through them and they’d say ‘Victoria was distracted in class,’ ‘Victoria is talking to herself’ or ‘Victoria was talking to another student.’ And you think all this because I read the material, I grasp it quickly and now I’m like ‘what do I do now?’ I feel like I have to busy myself with something. Then I got into middle school and high school and I started getting into these more advanced courses. It kept me busy.”

-- Victoria, a senior at Washington Technology has opportunities at three Minnesota colleges to reach her goal of becoming a pediatric surgeon.