Sadio, graduate, Bridge View School

Sadio Bridge View


(As told through Special Education teacher Kristen Larson): Sadio moved to MInnesota two and a half years ago. She has gotten very good at using the iPad and a voice output device. She uses this to augment her voice and clarify if people don’t understand.

Sadio will be in the transition program in the fall. She will work on her community skills, her work skills and social skills. This year she was a doorway greeter at a downtown St. Paul art museum where she worked on her greeting skills. In the transition program, she’ll be working on what kind of job she would like, and work skills, so she can go out and potentially get a job.

(Click the image above to hear Sadio use her voice output device). 
— Sadio, a 2017 graduate of Bridge View, will attend summer classes at Bridge View and then Focus Beyond in the fall.