Marcelus, Student Advisory Team member, Harding Senior High

"I work at the science museum and our mission is to empower youth to change the world through science, but we do that by focusing on kids who are underrepresented in STEM fields - science, technology, engineering and math. That includes kids of color, women and the LGBT community. When we’re doing this work, we talk about those problems a lot. We watched this TED talk by this Nigerian lady about the danger of a single story, especially since the media control a lot of what is put out there now. A lot of people get one idea about somebody and that’s what sticks. That’s what stuck in my head - the danger of a single story - and when you see someone in one perspective, you can’t get to know the full person and the generalizations become stereotypes, the stereotypes become prejudice, and prejudice becomes injustice and it builds on top of that." - Marcelus, Student Advisory Team member and student at Harding Senior High School