Kathy, AGAPE High School

 Kathy - AGAPE

“School wasn’t a priority for me before I was a mom. I would skip school a lot and thought about dropping out, but after I got pregnant I realized I didn’t want my son to see me as someone who just gave up. I want to give my son a good future, be financially stable and be a role model for him. My plan after high school is to complete med school and become an anesthesiologist. I want to be able to show my son all that I did while I was raising him -- so he knows he can do anything. To be honest, I also want to prove people wrong. In today’s politics people say all kinds of mean things about students who look like me, and I want to show them, I’m not who you think I am.”

-- Kathy graduated from AGAPE with an Associates in Arts Degree from Saint Paul College. She will attend the University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities in the fall as a pre-med student.