Buffalo Trunk

OVERVIEWBuffalo Trunk

The Buffalo Trunk is filled with items made from the buffalo, as well as curriculum that explains how to use these items as instructional aids in the classroom. By using the curriculum provided in this Buffalo Trunk, your students will learn the answers to the following questions: (1) What is culture? How did the bison shape Plains Indian culture? (2) What relationship did the bison have with the Plains Indians? (3)How did the near-extinction of the bison affect the Plains Indians' lives and culture? (4) What political, economic, and social problems arose for the Plains Indians from the slaughter of the bison herds? (5) What happens when cultures collide? (6) What can we learn from the bison artifacts? (7) How has the life of Plains Indians changed and how might it change in the future? (8) How has the life of the bison changed and how might it change in the future? (9) How did the Plains Indians record important events? (10) How did the coming of the horse change the culture of the Plains Indians?

1.      Buffalo Trunk Curriculum
2.      Teacher Diary
3.      Buffalo bladder
4.      Buffalo Hair 
5.      Buffalo Hair Yarn
6.      Buffalo Hide
7.      Buffalo Horn
8.      Dew Claws & Buffalo Toes
9.      Jaw Bone
10.    Large piece of raw hide
11.    Rib Bone
12.    Shoulder Blade ( scapula)
13.    Sinew 

14.   Bag/purse, with beads, made from buffalo hair, “Buffalo Robe Tipi Bag”
15.   Bag/purse (large) made from stiff rawhide, called a Parfleche 
16.   Bag/purse, small beaded bag made from leather 
17.   Dance Bow (made from rib and dew claws)
18.   Doll, made from buffalo hide
20.   Moccasins, beaded (for baby)
21.   Necklaces – 2 choker necklaces made from bone of buffalo
22.   Powder Horn
23.   Spear point & Arrow head made from bone (mounted on red felt)
24.   Spoon, beaded, made from horn 
25.   Toy pony, made from buffalo hide and hair
27.   Dakota Plum stone game  
28.   Buffalo guessing game
29.   Gift Horse, A Lakota Story, by S.D. Nelson
30.   Daily Life in a Plains Indian Village
31.   Dakota Indians - Coloring Book
32.   Dakota Language and Culture Workbook and Coloring Book
33.   Gifts of the Buffalo Nation
34.   Native American Stories, by Micahel Caduto and Joseph Bruchac
35.   Bison, by Cherie Winner
36.   Iktomi and the Boulder, by Paul Goble
37.   Pioneer Press Paper: The Great Dakota Conflict
38.   The Great Race of the Birds and Animals, by Paul Goble
 DVDs and CDs
39.American Buffalo - Spirit of a Nation DVD
40.Bison–A Living Story – CD Rom
41.Return of the Native - VHS
42.Sacred Buffalo People DVD  
Maps and Posters
43.Indian Country - large map  
44.Maps of Minnesota – five folded maps