Fur Trade Trunk


Fur Trade trunk items



This kit is intended to supplement an existing study of the fur trade or economics unit by providing a perspective that is often lacking or misrepresented—that of the Native or indigenous groups of the region.  

Lesson Titles from Teacher’s Guide Book

  •       Mapping the Fur Trade
  •       Native Trade Routes
  •       The Beaver
  •       Families during the Fur Trade Era
  •       Picture Writing of the Ojibwe
  •       Bridging Two Worlds
  •       The Metis People
  •       Trading Rendezvous                                                                                             
  1. Roots:  Fur Trade, published by the Minnesota Historical Society (1984)
  2. Roots:  Fur Trade, published by the Minnesota Historical Society (1976)
  3. Red River Girl, by Norma Sommerdorf
  4. The Red Sash, by Jean E. Pendziwol
  5. Feminine Fur Trade Fashions by Kathryn J. Wilson
  6. Where Two Worlds Meet:  The Great Lakes Fur Trade, by the MN Historical Society
  7. Horrible Canadian Histories:  First Folks and Vile Voyageurs by Claire MacKay
  8.   Fort Chipewyan Homecoming:  A Journey to Native Canada by Morningstar Mercredi
  9.   Life in an Anishinabe Camp by Niki Walker
  10. The Nor’Westers, The Fight for the Fur Trade by Marjorie Wilkins Campbell
  11. The Good Path, Ojibwe Learning and Activity Book For Kids by Thomas Peacock and Marlene Wisuri
  1. Beaver Steals Fire, A Salish Coyote Story by Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes
  2. Mishomis Book:  The Voice of The Ojibwe by Edward Benton-Banai 
  3. Into the Forest: Nature’s Food Chain Game
  4. Angwaamas (It’s About Time), A Research Report on the Ojibwe-European Fur Trade Relations from an Ojibwe Perspective by Sandra L. Goodsky 

Activity Books

  1. Great Lakes Fur Trade Coloring Book
  2. Ojibway Indians Coloring Book, by Chet Kozlak

DVDs and CDs

  1. Beavers (IMAX DVD)
  2. Songs of the Voyageurs (CD) 

Other Items

20. Rabbit pelts – FOUR pelts

39. Noggin

21. Beaver pelt

40. Obsidian arrow head

22. Beaver skull

41. Red & White Ostrich plumes

23. Beaver tail

42. Pipestone (crushed)

24. Beaver track (replica)

43. Porcupine pelt 

25. Beaver felt hat

44. Porcupine quills

26. Birch bark basket

45. Shell spoon

27. Birch bark (framed)

46. Snow Shoes

28. Birch bark canoe model

47. Split Ash basket

29. Copper fish hook

48. Steel fish hooks – three hooks

30. Cowrie shells

49. Sweetgrass

31. Dakota Plum Stone game

50. Sweetgrass basket

32. Deer hide

51. Trade beads

33. Deer toe  

52. Trade silver broach

34. Elk teeth – Two teeth

53. Voyageur Sash

35. Flint and steel

54. Wampum bead

36. Eagle Feather *

55. Wild rice

37. Blanket-Hudson Bay Point Blanket

56. Dried corn

38. Maple Sugar


* Eagle feather (Mock eagle feather.  Actually a turkey feather made to look like an eagle feather, as it is illegal for a non-Indian to possess an eagle feather according to federal law