Fur Trade Trunk

OverviewFur Trade Trunk Image

Intended to supplement an existing study of fur trade or economics unit providing a perspective of Native indigenous groups of the region.


Materials in Trunk: 
Teacher's guide (mapping fur trade, Native trade routes, the beaver, families during era, Metis people, and more)
12 books 
2 activity books
1 CD
4 rabbit pelts
Beaver pelt
Beaver skull
Beaver tail
Beaver track replica
Birch bark basket
Beaver hat
Canoe model
Copper fish hook
3 steel fish hooks
Cowrie shells 
Dakota Plum Stone dice game
Deer hide
Deer toes
2 elk teeth
Flint and steel
Mock eagle feather
Hudson Bay blanket
Maple sugar
Obsidian arrow head
Ostrich plumes
Crushed pipestone
Porcupine pelt and quills
Shell spoon
Snow shoes
Split Ash basket sweetgrass and basket
Trade beads
Trade silver broach
Voyageur sash
Wampum bead
Wild rice
Dried corn