Native American Games Trunk

Overview:Native American Games Trunk Image
Every culture has games they play, usually, a rich variety of games. People play games as a form of social interaction, means of settling a dispute, or as a way of learning or practicing a necessary skill, often the case for children’s games. Before you begin this unit, ask your students to share or bring in some of the games they play at home. Play the games and ask what skills they are learning—taking turns, counting, reading, probability, hand-eye coordination, etc. Keep this list in mind when learning about the games played by various Native American tribes. Some of the games are “cultural universals” in that there are similar games across tribes (and globally) that have slight variations based on the culture and the environment in which it exists. You may want to come up with a classification for types of games with your class (as anthropologists do), beginning with the games your students play and then transferring this organizational structure to the games in this kit. 
Items in Trunk:
1.   Teacher’s Guide
2.   Birchbark Triangle and Ball Game
3.   Buzzer
4.   Cedar Bundle and Pin Game
5.   Cheyenne Plumstone Game (pouch, 5 plumstones, 8 sticks)
6.   Cornhusk Wheel and Corncob Dart Game (2 darts, hoop, directions)
7.   Deer Toes Ring and Pin Game
8.   Loteria
9.   Netted Hoop and Pole Game (Hoop, 2 arrows, directions)
10.   Shuttlecock
11.   Snake Game