Native People of the Eastern Woodlands

Overview:Native People of the Eastern Woodlands Image
This trunk is designed to support the Indian Land Tenure curriculum, with a focus on the Eastern Woodlands region of the United States.  There are many suggested lessons and activities embedded in the cultural description of the items.  

In addition, there are several more formal lessons included in this binder: 

  •     Investigating Eastern Woodlands Native Cultures through Folktales
  •     The Iroquois Confederacy
  •     Native Philosophy and the Science of Ecology
  •     Gifts of Nature in the Eastern Woodlands

Materials in Trunk:

  1. Teacher Resource Binder
  2. Laminated map of Indian Nations 
  3. Red World and White:  Memories of a Chippewa Boyhood, by John Rogers
  4. Sacred Harvest:  Ojibwe Wild Rice Gathering by Gordon Regguinti
  5. Inintig’s Gift of Sugar: Traditional Native Sugarmaking by Laura Waterman Wittstock
  6. Shannon:  An Ojibwe Dancer, by Sandra King


  1. Birch bark canoe model with 2 oars, 1 push pole and 1 ricing stick
  2. Dugout canoe model with two paddles
  3. Shell spoon
  4. Maple sugar
  5. Woodlands Doll (made out of cornhusks)
  6. Birch Bark Winnowing Basket (large)
  7. Birch Bark Winnowing Basket (small)
  8. Wild rice
  9. Copper fish hook
  10. Copper Bone Awl
  11. Bone tools (3 tools: 1 fish lure, 1 harpoon points, 1 deer antler awl) 
  12. Cattail toys (2 cranes, 1 braid)
  13. Four stick game