Native People of the Pacific Northwest

OVERVIEW:Native People of the Pacific Northwest Image
This trunk isintended to provide hands on experiences for the students studying the nativepeoples who live in this specific region of the United States. The materials in this trunk are preciousand should be handled with care and respect. This binder contains informationabout the materials in this trunk as well as suggested activities forintegrating them into your curriculum.



  • Cheryl’s Potlach by Sheila Thompson
  • Stencils. Northwest Coast Indians by Mira Bartok
  • Meet Kaya by Janet Shaw
  • A Story To Tell: Traditons of a Tlingit Community by Richard Nichols
  • Kahtahah by Frances Lackey Paul
  • Weaving A California Tradition: A Native American Basket Maker by Lynn Yamane
  • Fort Chipewyan Homecoming by Morningstar Mercredi 
    • Wild Strawberries
    • Canned Salmon
    • Cedar Plank
    • Model Appaloosa Horse
    • Appaloosa Sable and Accessories
    • Miniature Button Blanket
    • Bag of Shell Style Buttons
    • Kaya Nez Perce Doll
    • Double Ball Game
    • Dentalium Shell Earrings
    • Abalone Shell
    • Shell Dice Game
    • Walnut Dice Game