Native People of the Prairies and Plains

Overview:Native People of the Prairies and Plains Image

This trunk is designed to support the Indian Land Tenure Curriculum, with a focus on the Prairies and Plains region of the U.S.  There are many suggested lessons and activities embedded in the cultural description of the items.  In addition, there are several more formal lessons included in this binder:
•    Investigating Prairies and Plains Native Cultures through Folktales
•    Native Philosophy and the Science of Ecology
•    Gifts of Nature in the Plains and Prairies
•    The Hidatsa, Plains Indian Farmers
•    Calculating Probabilities, The Cheyenne Plum Stone Dice Game

Materials in Trunk: 

Teacher’s Guide/Literature/Maps

      1A.  Teacher Resource Binder

      1B.   American Indian Oral Traditions:  Dakota and Ojibwe

  1. Laminated Map of Indian Nations (Map)
  2. Waheenee:  An Indian Girl’s Story told by Herself to Gilbert L. Wilson, by Jeffrey R. Hanson
  3. Indian Boyhood, by Charles A. Eastman
  4. The War Shirt, by Bently Spang
  5. Drumbeat, Heartbeat:  A Celebration of the Pow Wow, by Susan Braine


  1. Wasna, also called Pemmican  (dried meat)
  2. Dried corn
  3. Leather doll
  4.   Shell necklace
  5.   Bear claw necklace
  6.   Hair pipe necklace
  7.   Music CD: Dream Catcher
  8.   Travois and dog
  9.   Plumstone dice games (2--Cheyenne and Ponca)
  10.   Deer scapula hoe
  11.   Horn spoon
  12.   Deer leg bone awl
  13.   Pony
  14.   Beaded bag
  15.   Bull boat model with oar
  16.   Moccasins
  17.   Beans