Native People of the Southwest

OVERVIEW:Native People of the Southwest Image
This trunk isintended to provide hands on experiences for the students studying the nativepeoples who live in this specific region of the United States. The materials in this trunk are preciousand should be handled with care and respect. This binder contains informationabout the materials in this trunk as well as suggested activities forintegrating them into your curriculum.



  • Children of Clay by Rina Swentzell
  • Songs from the Loom by Monty Roessel
  • Kinaalda by Monty Reossel 
  •  NavajoBlue Corn (Loose and on the cob)
  •  HopiBlack Dye Sunflower
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • AnazaziBeans
  • Clay andYarn Buzz Toy
  • BallRace
  • ShuttlecockToy
  • SmallNavajo Rug
  • NavajoYei Pot
  • TohonoO’Odham Basket
  • Silverand Turquoise Necklace
  • Spindle
  • NavajoDoll at Upright Loom
  • HopiDoll