Plant Trunk

Overview:Plant Truck Image

The Plant Trunk is filled with books, maps, and authentic replicas to aid in teaching students about the culture, history, land and resources of the Ojibwe people. 
Materials in Trunk

  1. Curriculum Notebook for Teachers
  2. Teacher's Diary
  3. Buffalo Bird Woman’s Garden
  4. Daily Life in a Plains Village    
  5. Four Season’s of Corn    
  6. Ininatig’s Gift of Sugar    
  7. Life in an Anishinabe Camp    
  8. Native Plant Stories      
  9. Night Flying Woman
  10. Ojibwe Family Life in Minnesota  
  11. Ojibwe Treaty Rights and Resource Management
  12. Plants and their uses by the Chippewa
  13. Plants used by the Great Lakes Ojibwe
  14. The First Strawberries
  15. The Good Path      
  16. The Mishomis Book
  17. The Sacred Harvest       
  18. The Spirit Within - Mn. Indian Women’s Resource Center
  19. Wild Rice Brochure
  1. Growing up Ojibwe
  2. Iskigamizigan (Sugarbush)
  3. Ricing with Tommy Sky
  4. Spearfishing with Tommy Sky
Coloring Books
  1. Ojibway Indians Coloring Book  
  2. Dakota Indians Coloring Book  
  1. Honoring Maple Sugar
  2. Wild Rice
  1. Gidakiiminaan (Our Earth)&Atlas
  2. Onjiaking From the Earth   (Non-Medicinal Plants)
  1. Indian Corn of the Americas
  2. Manoominike (Ricing)
  3. Native American Reservations
  4. Onjiaking (From the Earth)  
  1. Green Wild Rice
  2. Moccasins
  3. Rice Knockers      
  4. Wild Rice 
  5. Winnowing Basket      
  6. Wooden Paddle      
  1. Birch Bark        
  2. Split Ash        
  3. Sweet grass
  1. Cherokee Bean Toss Game    
  2. Dakota Plum Stone Game    
  3. Deer Toe Bone Game        
  4. Into the Forest-Nature’s Food Chain       46.a. Native Foods Guessing game  
  1. Snake Game
  2. Zuni Corn Husk Game    
  3. Snow Snake
  1. Basswood Doll
  2. Birchbark Transparency
  3. Cattail duck
  4. Corn Husk Doll      
  5. Tamarack Twig Bird      
  6. Toy Canoe        
  1.    Basswood strips and cordage    
  2.    Maple Tree section
  3.    Sumac Tap
  4. a. Sweet Grass braid     b. Sweet Grass strips

60. SEEDS  
      Bean-Arikara Yellow
      Bean-Cherokee Trail of tears
      Corn-Black Aztec
      Corn-Mandan Bride

61. Bow Drill (For Fire Starting)
62. Cedar Flute        
63. Cradle Board with dream catcher       
64. Deer Antler
65. Deer Shoulder Blade Hoe
66. Leather Pouch
67. Pump Drill ( For Drilling Holes)
68. Shuttlecocks (2 of them)
69. Snowshoes  
70. Toy wisk broom
71. Wooden bowl
72. Wooden Spoon
73. Deer Hide
74. Raw Hide