Pow Wow Trunk

The Native American Pow Wow trunk includes the following:

Pow Wow Trunk


Lesson Plans:

Intro Folder

Lesson 1: The Dances (includes dancer mini posters)

Lesson 2: The Drum, Songs and Singers

Lesson 3: The Giveaway (includes: sample giveaway book, sample letter home for in-class giveaway activity)




1a&b). Grass Dance harness and belts

2). Beaded hairpiece

3). Bone pipe choker

4). Jingle dress doll




5). Standing in the Light

6). Standing in the Light

7). Celebrating the Pow Wow

8). Pow Wow photo book

9). Drum Beat Heart Beat


DVDs & CDs:


10). Pow Wow Trail (Box Set: Drums, Dances, Songs)