Washington Technology Magnet School

Washington Wrestlers High School


Washington Technology Magnet School’s varsity wrestling team won their first ever Saint Paul City Conference championship, and had one wrestler qualify for the state tournament. Washington Tech had a record of 16-11 overall, and went undefeated (6-0) in conference meets. Richard Taylor is the coach.
  • Washington Tech’s state qualifier was Alphonso Cooper

Washington Tech Middle School Wrestling 
Washington wrestling 6-8  

The Washington Tech wrestling team was crowned middle school Saint Paul City Conference champions. Dave Anderson is the coach.

The team roster consists of:

  • Dhiraj Basnet

  • Kler Taw

  • Moo Nay Blut

  • Moua Thao

  • Fredrick Bursch

  • Yang Thao

  • Maung Chai

  • El Thir

  • Doh Han

  • Lu Wace

  • Poe Shi Hsi

  • Has Mu Wah

  • Eh Ku Ku

  • Alex Xiong

  • Thomas Lee

  • Cheng Xiong

  • Has La May

  • Alex Yang

  • Christ Moo

  • Boon Lee Yang

  • Macko Nah

  • Chai Yo

  • Has Ray

  • Ella Say

  • Jeremiah Searcie

  • Eh Taw Soe

  • Hello Soe

  • Soe Su