How do I find out if my child is eligible to receive special education services?

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The request for an evaluation can be made by the parent, the school, therapist, or other individual(s) who are involved in the education or care of the student. The evaluation not only determines if a student has an educational disability, but also shows what services and supports that the child might need.

In order to start an evaluation, the school must provide a notice of proposed evaluation form, called a Prior Written Notice/Consent to Evaluate, that outlines the assessment tools that will be used in the evaluation, such as an intellectual assessment, observations, parent interviews, academic testing, motor assessments, and anything else that appears to be a need that will be completed within the evaluation.  The district must receive the parent’s written consent before proceeding with the evaluation.

Once written consent has been provided, the evaluation team has 30 school days to complete the initial evaluation for school age students.