What information is included in an Individualized Education Program (IEP)?

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According to the law, an IEP must include the following statements regarding your child:

  • His or her present level of educational performance, which could include information concerning: academic achievement, social adaptation, prevocational and vocational skills, sensory and motor skills, daily living skills, speech and language skills
  • Specific special education and related services to be provided, who will be providing them, and how often they will be provided
  • Dates for when the services will begin and how long they will continue
  • Percentage of the school day in which your child will participate in regular education and special education programs—least restrictive environment
  • Annual goals along with short-term instructional and measurable objectives that assist the child in achieving the goals
  • Transition plan, when applicable (used in grades 9 and above)
  • State assessment information