Dec. 13, 2016: Board Votes to Direct Staff to Develop Start Times Plan

During the Board of Education meeting on Dec. 13, the Board voted to direct staff to develop a plan to change school start times, beginning with implementation in the 2018-19 school year.

Saint Paul Public Schools will continue to explore its options while supporting families through the transition. A plan is expected later next year.

The Board voted to approve the following:

The SPPS Board of Education directs the Superintendent to develop a plan to change school start times, with implementation beginning in the 2018-19 school year. The objective of the change is to align school start times with the health and academic best interests of SPPS students.

The restructured system will impact the entire SPPS system and city; therefore, robust community engagement must be conducted to inform, support, and receive feedback from the SPPS community. Changes to the system must consider the following areas:

  • Equity 
  • Alignment to research-based recommendations, 
  • Achievement, 
  • Budget implications, 
  • Expanded childcare needs, 
  • Student safety, 
  • Strategic alignment, 
  • Opportunities for expansion of Metro Transit partnership