Nov. 22, 2016

Design Team Meeting Summary

Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016

Members in Attendance:
Jackie Allen, Cedrick Baker, John Brodrick, Rosario Fuentes, Peter Grafstrom, Martin Hoerth, Tonya Long, Dan Mesick, Beth Mork, Denise Rodriguez, Lynn Shellenberger, Katie Wilcox-Harris, and Ka Ying Yang on behalf of Pangjua Xiong

Staff in Attendance: Pepe Barton, Kaohly Her, Heather Kilgore

Members not in Attendance:
Makkah Abdur-Sallam, Nick Faber¸ Rose Lewis, Shaua Salas, Jon Schumacher, Damon Shoholm, Robin Tushaus, See Vue, and Zoua Vue

Guests: Craig Morris, Ray & Associates  

1. Review of Timeline

Members reviewed the proposed timeline for the engagement process in light of the search firm’s timeline.  Some of the engagement activities will be inform both the search firm and the board (open meetings and informal events in December and January) and some will be used exclusively for the Board (targeted meetings and quantitate survey)  

2. Open Meetings – December and January to inform the Search Committee’s draft of the profile/recruitment and the School Board’s consideration of candidates

Thursday, December 15 at Washington

Wednesday, January 11 at Central

Tuesday, January 17 at Harding

Saturday, January 21 at Humboldt

Weekday events will have a soft start at 5:30/hard start at 6 – 8

Saturday will be 9:30 (soft start)/10 – 12 noon

Meeting will start with an introduction from Chair Schumacher and a member of the Design Team (needs to be identified for each); participants will break into small facilitated groups (approx.. 15 per group including groups in English, Hmong, Somali, Karen, and Spanish)

Childcare will be available at all

For 12/15 -- light refreshments will be provided but no transportation.  DT will assess after the meeting to decide how to handle going forward.

Heather and Pepe will work on logistics.


3.  Tabling/Canvasing – December - January 23 to inform the Search Committee’s draft of the profile/recruitment and the School Board’s consideration of candidates (December – March).  These would be events which are already scheduled and will include a large number of SPPS constituents.  Idea would be to have SPPS personnel and facilitators available to talk with participants, hand out surveys (links to surveys), and over to gather information orally.

Possible options:

12/13: School Board Meeting

12/17: AMS Christmas School

1/9 – 2/14: School Showcases/Open House

1/10: Annual School Board Meeting (4:30 – 6:30)

1/25: West Siders @ Humboldt

Checking with libraries and Parks and Rec were also suggested


4. Targeted Meetings – December – March: to inform the School Board’s consideration of candidates

11/28: Principals’ Association Meeting (pilot the questions)

12/8: All PAC Meeting

Include Wilder community partners…

Website will have a form to request a Targeted Meeting; E-mail will be sent to SPPS Community Partners and…


5. Surveys

There will be two surveys:

1)      December – January 23: Search Firm’s survey to inform the development of the profile.  

2)      February – March: SPPS survey to inform the School Board’s deliberation. 

6. Communications Plan

Pepe shared a document with the ways that SPPS typically communicated with its constituents

7. Next Meeting 11/30:

Discussion of survey questions for Board Input

Review/discussion of targeted meetings plan

Review/discussion of plan for Finalists – Candidate Review Committee and Community Forum