Nov. 30, 2016

Members in Attendance:
Jackie Allen, John Brodrick, Rosario Fuentes, Peter Grafstrom, Martin Hoerth, Rose Lewis, Tonya Long, Dan Mesick, Beth Mork, Denise Rodriguez, Jon Schumacher, Lynn Shellenberger, Katie Wilcox-Harris, Robin Tushaus, See Vue, Zoua Vue and Pangjua Xiong
Staff in Attendance: Pepe Barton, Dominique Diaddigo-Cash, Kaohly Her, and Heather Kilgore
Members not in Attendance:
Makkah Abdur-Sallam, Cedrick Baker, Nick Faber¸ Shaua Salas, and Damon Shoholm
I.   Review/Discussion of Targeted Meeting Plans
Members reviewed the updated draft of the Engagement Plan (attached) and discussed the updated list of “Targeted Community Organizations” prepared with consultation from SPPS Community Engagement staff.  Members proposed additions to the list and then decided that everyone will receive information on how to request a Facilitated Targeted Meeting, and SPPS would reach out especially to the following organizations:
  • Saint Paul NAACP
  • Coalition for Asian American Leaders
  • African American Leadership Council
  • East African Community Link (battle Creek neighborhood)
  • Skyline Tower
  • Karen Organization of Minnesota (staff meeting)
  • American Indian Family Center
Members were also encouraged to personally reach out to groups with which they are affiliated and invite them to host a facilitated targeted conversation.
II.   Review Discussion of Engagement with Finalists
Members agreed that the Community Engagement with the Finalists should consist of the following components:
A.   Visit to School(s) – ideally each candidate would visit 1 elementary or middle school and 1 high school
B.   Meeting with Design Team for the DT to give the finalists an overview of the engagement process and feedback learned from open, targeted, and in-formal meetings plus second survey in order to help inform finalists about the community and assist them in preparing for the interviews and community meetings.
C.   Finalist Review Committee
Representatives of parents, community members, teachers, administrators, etc. (approximately 20 people) will meet with and interview each of the finalists.    
The members will complete a survey on each candidate which will be provided to the School Board:
  • List strengths and weakness for each candidate
  • Any additional feedback
D.   Candidate Community Forum
Facilitators and staff will flesh out a proposal for these components for discussion at the December 20 meeting.
III.   Survey (2) for School Board – to be circulated in February/March
Members reviewed the first draft of the survey and had some discussion.  A second draft will be provided for further discussion. This survey will not be finalized until January so there will continue to be time to work on it.
IV.   Updates
a.     Sharon facilitated a targeted meeting with the Principals’ Association to pilot the questions for the Open and Targeted meetings.  The discussion sent well
b.     Contract with Ray & Associates is not yet signed but is expected to be finalized shortly
c.      12/8 All PAC meeting will include small group facilitated sessions for the PAC members to provide their input into the Superintendent search
d.     12/15: Open Community Meeting at Washington (5:30 – 8 pm); Chair Jon Schumacher will provide the welcome on behalf of the School Board and Pangjua Xiong will provide the welcome on behalf of the Design Team
e.     January Open Community Meetings:
Wednesday, January 11 at Central, (5:30 – 8 pm)
Tuesday, January 17 at Harding, (5:30 – 8 pm)
Saturday, January 21 at Humboldt, (9:30 – 12 noon)
Please encourage your friends and colleagues to attend
V.   Next Meeting December 20
      Debrief All PAC Meeting and Open Meeting at Washington
      Plan for January Community Meetings
      Refine Engagement with Finalists
      Refine Second Survey