Dec. 20, 2016

Members in Attendance: 
Makkah Abdur-Sallam, Jackie Allen, John Brodrick, Pastor Gill, Martin Hoerth, Tonya Long, Nick Faber¸ Beth Mork, Denise Rodriguez, Shaua Salas, Lynn Shellenberger, Robin Tushaus, and Zoua Vue 
Staff in Attendance: Pepe Barton, Kaohly Her, and Heather Kilgore
Members not in Attendance: 
Cedrick Baker, Rosario Fuentes, Peter Grafstrom, Rose Lewis, Dan Mesick, Jon Schumacher, Damon Shoholm, Katie Wilcox-Harris, See Vue, and Pangjua Xiong
I.    Debrief Community Engagement Activities to Date 
a.    All PAC Meeting – 12/8 at 360 Colborne
This “targeted” meeting was organized by the SPPS Family and Community Engagement staff with facilitators provided by the DRI/OCDR Project.  Approximately 200 people were in attendance including members from all of the PACs as well as several School Board members who participated in the facilitated discussions.  Consensus was that it was very successful.  Only negatives noted were that due to a miscommunication, community members from SEAC were not invited to participate and there was insufficient time in the facilitated conversations because of the number of people in each group.  Not all groups were able to get through all of the questions.
b.    Open Meeting– 12/15 @ Washington
This open meeting was attended by approximately 16 -22 people (depending if you include school board members and staff).  Discussions were held in English, Karen, and Hmong with facilitators from the project.  DT members in attendance reported that the introductions by Chair Schumacher and Pangjua Xiong went well.  They also liked the opportunity for some follow-up discussion after everyone went around the circle with their answer to a question. Members also thought that the questions worked well – they were broad enough to get at what people wanted to talk about and no one strayed too far from the topic under discussion.  The room set-up was also viewed positively.  As to the negatives, because of the small number of attendees, the number of facilitators were in excess of what was needed; in the English group, participants were only given 1 minutes each to respond to each question and the time was strictly enforced.  One minute was insufficient and given the number of people in the group, more time could have been given.  The surveys were distributed at the end of the session but no one stayed to complete them (possibly due to the very cold temperatures).  Finally, the person at the front desk was not sure where the meeting was being held.
For open meetings in January:
  • Have greeters and signage directing people to the room
  • Have a plan for those with mobility issues
  • Consider adding the room location on future messages which go out about the sessions
  • Instruct facilitators to adjust to the number of people in the group
  • DT members invite your friends and colleagues to attend sessions – even if they don’t have children in the district
  • Make announcements to the students at Central for the next session (Central morning news and end of the day)
  • Send announcements to DT for them to forward to others
  • WSSS will take responsibility for inviting people to the session at Humboldt
  • Notice to SEAB
  • Have hot drinks available
c. Search Firm Survey – as of 12/19 -- 165 surveys already completed; DT members should encourage their networks to complete the survey.  Here’s the direct link and it is also featured prominently on the SPPS website.
d. Targeted Meetings
Requested Targeted Meetings:
  • Principals’ Association complete
  • West Siders for Strong Schools complete
  • SPPS Academic Leadership Team complete
  • Secondary Technology Integration (TOSAs) 1/6
  • SPPS Office of Family Engagement and 
  • Community Partnerships 1/9
  • St. Anthony Park Elementary School Site 
  • Council and School Community 1/10
  • Saint Paul Children’s Collaborative 1/11
  • Highland District Council & 
  • MacGroveland Community Council 1/19 
  • African American Ministerial Alliance 1/31
ii. Update on Targeted Meetings SPPS is requesting
NAACP Education Committee to be scheduled in February
Family and Community Engagement staff working to schedule others
II. Plans for January Community Meetings
a. Design Team Member “Hosts:” 
Lynn Shellenberger (1/11); Tonya Long (1/17); Beth Mork (1/21)
b. Refreshments -- YES/Transportation NO
c. Reminder: encourage your friends and colleagues to attend
III. Sharing of Data from Meetings and Surveys
The data collected from the open community facilitated conversations and the All PAC conversation will be collated by DRI/OCDR and provided to the Search Firm (for the development of the profile).  This information will be provided by January 27 so that all of the information can be compiled together for best data analysis.  At this time, it will also be posted to the SPPS Superintendent Search website.  
Data from the survey will be analyzed by the Search Firm and will form the basis of the profile.  The analysis will also be provided to the School Board.  They have not yet discussed whether this data will be posted.
IV. Engagement with Finalists
a. Timing – Based on Search Firm’s recommendations, the School Board has decided to have the finalists visit the week of March 27.  School Board is still deciding if the visit should be limited to 2 days (recommendation of the Search Firm) or be 3 days.  Given this uncertainty, the DT discussed the goals for each component (school visits; meeting with the DT; finalists review committee; finalist public forum) so that an appropriate plan can be designed
b. School Visit Goals: 
Observe finalists in our schools and how they interact with staff and a variety of our students (Are they respectful? Are they comfortable?)
Give finalists a snapshot of the diversity of our schools and our students
After visits, finalists should be asked about what they learned from being in the schools and how they would support them (given what they saw)? Staff should be given an opportunity to provide written feedback on strengths and weaknesses.
c. Candidate Review Committee Goals:
Provide multiple perspectives to the Board
Represent the communities with which the superintendent must be able to engage (observe finalists’ ability to relate to the various constituencies)
Include perspective of those directly receiving SPPS service (including 
parents, students, teachers, staff)
Note – there was a good discussion of the role of business leaders in this component.  It is clear that the DT wants to be sure that the voices of those directly receiving SPPS services are included.  More work to be done to build consensus as to who else should be involved.  
d. Finalists’ Forum and Meeting with DT Goals:
Not discussed yet
V. Survey Questions (survey 2) for Board Input
A second draft was distributed but not discussed due to time constraints.  DT members are encouraged to review and provide feedback prior to and at the next DT meeting.
VI. Reminders and Next Meeting
January Open Community Meetings: 
Wednesday, January 11 at Central, (5:30 – 8 pm)
Tuesday, January 17 at Harding, (5:30 – 8 pm)
Saturday, January 21 at Humboldt, (9:30 – 12 noon)
Next Meeting January 25 
Debrief Community Meetings
Updates on Targeted Meetings
Refine/Finalize 2nd Survey
Refine Engagement Plan with Finalists