Jan. 25, 2017

Design Team Meeting Summary
Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Members in Attendance: 
Jackie Allen, Cedrick Baker, John Brodrick, Peter Grafstrom, Martin Hoerth, Rose Lewis, Tonya Long, Dan Mesick, Denise Rodriguez, Shaua Salas, Jon Schumacher, Lynn Shellenberger, Damon Shoholm, Robin Tushaus, See Vue, Zoua Vue, and Pangjua Xiong
Staff in Attendance: Pepe Barton and Kaohly Her 
Members not in Attendance: 
Makkah Abdur-Sallam, Nick Faber, Rosario Fuentes, Pastor Gill, Beth Mork, Kate Wilcox-Harris, and Heather Kilgore
Guests: Craig Morris
I. Debrief Community Engagement Activities to Date
a. Open Meetings 
  • Washington—3 groups (1 Karen Group, 1 Hmong Group, 1 English Group)
  • Central – 6 groups (including students and staff)
  • Harding – 1 group
  • Humboldt – 3 groups (plus 2 Spanish speakers who provided input after the meeting)
  • All PAC Meeting – members of all of the PACs in attendance; 4 large groups
Members noted that, as anticipated, the open meetings were not very well attended.  There was some discussion about the challenges associated with communications for the meetings and getting the attention of parents and students. 
b. Search Firm Survey
Craig Morris and Pepe reported that approximately 2300 surveys were completed before it closed. This included 3 in Hmong, 9 in Spanish, and 7 in Karen.  Over 1000 students clicked on the survey link.
c. Targeted Meetings
Members reviewed the list of targeted meetings which have already taken place and those have been requested (see attached).  Additional outreach is needed – especially to cultural groups who were not well-represented at the open meetings (besides the All PAC meeting).  Members volunteered to make contact with groups with which they have personal relationships.  
d. Sharing of data from Meetings and Surveys
Mariah and Sharon are analyzing the data from the Open Meetings and will provide themes from the first two questions (desired qualities/traits and experience) to: Ray and Associates for the profile; to the Board; and to Pepe for posting on the Superintendent Search website.  Ray and Associates also will provide the profile (informed by the surveys and the open meetings) for posting on the SPPS Superintendent Search website during the second week of February. 
II. Survey Questions for Board Input
Zoua Vue suggested some options for reaching out to students to encourage their completion of the second survey.   
Members discussed revisions to the demographics section and deletion of the questions about what is working well and not well in SPPS and instead to focus on the question about in what areas the superintendent should focus.  In order to be clearer and less ambiguous (and easier to translate), the options will be written with more detail rather than just as phrases.  Finally, members decided that questions 1, 2 and 3, 4 should be combined because the profile will combine traits/characteristics and experience.  
III. Next Meeting [Date: TBA]
Review data from surveys and targeted meetings in preparation for finalists’ visits.