Feb. 22, 2017

Design Team Meeting Summary
Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Members in Attendance: 
Jackie Allen, John Brodrick, Rosario Fuentes, Peter Grafstrom, Martin Hoerth, Dan Mesick, Denise Rodriguez, Lynn Shellenberger, Damon Shoholm Zoua Vue, Kate Wilcox-Harris, and Pangjua Xiong

Staff in Attendance: 
Pepe Barton, Heather Kilgore, and Kaohly Her 
Members not in Attendance: 
Makkah Abdur-Sallam, Cedrick Baker, Nick Faber, Pastor Gill, Rose Lewis, Tonya Long, Beth Mork, Shaua Salas, Jon Schumacher, Robin Tushaus, and See Vue 
Guests: Craig Morris, Ray and Associates
Community Engagement Activities to Date - Update
  • Targeted Meetings
    • Members reviewed the list of targeted meetings which have already taken place and those have been requested (see attached).  Last day for targeted meetings is March 3.
  • Survey 1 Results; Survey 2
    • Staff reported that the first survey was completed by well over 2000 people (1000 students).  Results can be reviewed on the SPPS superintendent website. Craig Morris on behalf of Ray & Associates reported that the profile has attracted good attention and they are in the process of reviewing credentials and doing background work on a good group of individuals. 
    • Survey #2 is available and a significant number of people have completed it.  It will remain open until March 3. 
  • Community Meeting Themes
    • Sharon shared the themes from the Open Meetings. (see attached)
Finalists’ Visits Planning
  • Pepe reviewed the tentative schedule for the finalists’ visit that is anticipated to take place during the last week in March (specific dates to be determined) and currently is expected to take place over a 2-day period.  Day 1 will include a visit to a school; a meeting with SEAB; a meeting with the Design Team and a Community Gathering to Hear from the Candidates.  Day 2 include Finalist Review Input Sessions and formal interview with the School Board.  The following morning, before the candidates depart, there is the potential for an informal breakfast of candidates and some members of the School Board.
  • Lynn, Peter, Pangiua, and Heather will work with Sharon to design the candidate meeting with the Design team based on DT input.  Watch for more details but it is tentatively scheduled for 5:30 – 6:00 pm just prior to the Community Gathering with the Finalists.
  • Community Gathering: tentatively scheduled for Day 1 from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm (depending on the number of candidates).  Care will be given to describe the even accurately as an opportunity to hear from the candidates.  Location will be chosen by SPPS staff based on accessibility, capacity, parking, and availability.  Childcare will be provided.  Each candidate will have an opportunity to present for approximately 15 – 20 minutes.  This will be followed by questions posed to the candidates drawn from the first survey.  All candidates will be asked the same questions (but it is important to note that this is not an interview situation).  Expectation is that candidates will be asked 3 – 5 questions.  Staff will determine the best way to accommodate non-English speakers.  Options include having separate rooms where the candidates will present directly to the participants through an interpreter or having everyone in the same room and have the interpreters translate in real time.  DT members observed that the superintendent needs to be comfortable in both situations – being the only English speaker in a room and speaking while simultaneous translations are happening. 
  • DT spent some time exploring whether it would be possible to have an informal opportunity for interested people to meet the candidates and ultimately decided that it would not be effective given the potential number of people who are attending and the multiple languages.  The DT decided that the benefit of seeing candidates in a more informal setting could best be accomplished in another forum.
Next meeting?
The DT decided that it would not be necessary to have another formal meeting and instead information will be shared via email.