This Week at Ramsey

In Ms. Fontana's ELA Workshop 7, we have been getting to know one another by playing community building games. Students have also started sharing five small objects, pictures, etc. that they are bringing so that we can learn new things about each other. Help your student remember to bring five objects on Monday if he/she didn't present on Friday.

Mr. Fell is conducting a tool drive to equip the new Fab Lab / Maker Space for Ramsey. We are looking for new and used hand and power tools, so clean out your basements and garages of anything workable that's gathering dust or donate a new item! Screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, wrenches and clamps (there never seems to be enough clamps) drills and saws; we'll take it all. Just drop your items off in the office or Mr. Fell's room (3110) and it will be eagerly used and greatly appreciated.

Ms. Ludwig's math classes learned how to play Yahtzee on Friday! Many board, card and dice games build number sense, strategy and decision making skills. Find time to play Yahtzee or other games at home!

The French immersion had a great start!!! Six graders are comfortable with the transition to Ramsey, thanks mainly to the help of our 8th grader immersion and WEB. Seven graders are working on learning profile posters to support our French community.

Mr. Bailey's 7th grade ELA students got to know each other by playing the Magic Beach Ball Letter Game and a few rounds of Human Etch a Sketch. 8th Grade ELA students faced the Marshmallow Challenge together Both 7th and 8th grade ELA classes should start brining in notebooks next week.