What do parents think about Horace Mann School?


  • “What makes Horace Mann School truly unique is the teachers use an innovative style of teaching which really works!”
  • “I am so impressed by the school’s test scores…in fact they’re right at the top in the district.”
  • “The standards and expectations at Horace Mann School are very high. As a parent I like that.”
  • "Parents, teachers & staff, the Principal…everyone is so invested in this place.”
  • “When you walk into the school you see kids having fun, they’re happy!"
  • “The teachers, the cafeteria staff, the custodians…everyone knows the kids by name.”
  • “There’s a real sense of community at Horace Mann School.”
  • "Mann is such a nurturing environment.”
  • “The school is a place the kids want to be every day!”
  • “I really like the “Family Friendly” environment.”
  • “The school is so welcoming.”
  • “Great friendships are developed…the students really seem to “connect” with one another at Mann.”
  • “The place is a jewel.”