How do the students feel about Horace Mann School?

Here's What Students Are Saying About Horace Mann School...


  • "The best part of Mann School is that I like to read because it is fun!"
  • "The best part of Mann School is we get to do lots of fun things at school and do homework."
  • "What I like about Mann School is it has some of the best teachers ever!"
  • "My favorite thing to do at Mann School is learning new things."
  • "The best thing that I like is Mann School rocks a lot!"
  • "I like the teachers here because they give you help, support and compliments."
  • "There are many different kinds of cultures and people at Horace Mann. I like that we can be with different cultures and learn their cultures."
  • "What I like about Horace Mann is that the teachers are very helpful and caring."
  • "What I like about school is my teacher. I also like the peace garden."
  • "The band is so cool and fun!"
  • "I like Horace Mann because of the games we play in gym and the time we get for recess."
  • "Horace Mann is the ultimate school of the year! You will feel like you are king or queen of the world!"
  • "What I like about Mann School is when you are in kindergarten you can make apple pies and caramel. On Dr. Seuss's Birthday you get to have green eggs and ham."
  • "My favorite thing to do at Horace Mann School is math."
  • "One of the things I like best about my school is the teachers. They have always been so nice to me. They always help you if you don't understand. If you are sad they make you feel better. Every teacher that I had has been my favorite."
  • "Something I like about Horace Mann School is the teachers make learning fun."
  • "Horace Mann School is exciting because we do fun stuff. For example: Readathon, the School Carnival...all those fun things."
  • "My favorite thing at Mann School is to learn because you get more smart."
  • "The best part of Mann School is the school store."
  • "Going to Horace Mann is great because we have Read-Ins."
  • "Horace Mann School is exciting because it has a big gym."
  •  "The teachers let us learn in fun ways like making projects or games out of reading or math."
  • "The school is special because everyone is treated equal. Also, no one is ever left out and no one ever feels like they're better or worse."