How do I enroll my child at Horace Mann School?



Families are encouraged to apply for school in January or early February the year before their child will enter Kindergarten. Click here to apply.

Students may enroll in Horace Mann School from any location provided there is space. Siblings receive first priority within each category. Enrollment is granted in order of:

  1. Community School Zone
  2. Reflecting Saint Paul- 20% of seats are set aside for families living within identified census blocks (based on economic status, language, and race). These seats are released to #3, 4, and 5 by August if not filled.
  3. Area F
  4. City of St. Paul
  5. Outside the city of St. Paul

How likely are my chances for #3, 4, or 5?

We can't give a percentage chance due to many variables outside of our control. However, the last three years we have been able to enroll everyone in Kindergarten in #3- 5. Contact the St. Paul Public School Placement Office 651.632.3701 if you have additional questions.

The last two years we have been able to enroll nearly everyone in Grades 1-5 in #3, 4, and 5.