Frost Lake Elementary Named an Apple Distinguished School

Frost Lake Elementary Named an Apple Distinguished School


Apple Inc. has named Frost Lake Elementary School an Apple Distinguished School for 2017–2019. The school uses Apple technology to change the climate, culture, and mindset of the school in order to maximize achievement and minimize racially predictable gaps.

“Frost Lake Elementary School offers a technology-rich environment where students learn coding in kindergarten and continue to build on those skills throughout their educational career,” said Frost Lake Principal Stacey Kadrmas. “Whatever the student’s interests and background, technology opens the window into an exciting world where knowledge and insight, growth and development become their reality in school.”


Every student at Frost Lake receives personalized instruction from co-teachers who work together to meet the needs of each child. Students use iPads and other technology tools to engage and motivate their learning.


The selection of Frost Lake Elementary highlights its efforts to innovate and create a learning environment to engage students and provide tangible evidence of academic accomplishment.


Students collaborate using Seesaw, Schoology, and other collaborative technology to give and receive feedback on their work. Work focuses on using creation apps, like Keynote or Book Creator, to help students access content and show what they have learned in ways that make sense to each student.


Apple recognizes Distinguished Schools as centers of innovation, leadership, and educational excellence that use Apple products to inspire creativity, ​collaboration, and critical thinking. The schools showcase innovative uses of technology in learning, teaching, and the school environment and have documented results of academic accomplishment.


“Frost Lake teachers are redefining student learning by creating opportunities for students to have a voice in choosing what and how they learn,” said teacher Amanda Madsen.  


“Having iPads in each student’s hands enables them to access far more resources than a traditional school library or curriculum would,” Madsen said. “iPads allow teachers to tailor standards to the interests and passions of each student. Often these choices include aspects of racial and cultural identities, such as research about home countries, cultural traditions, current events, and historical events.”


As Frost Lake students prepare for middle school, high school and beyond, they do so with increased confidence in their ability to navigate new technologies and untapped learning spaces, Principal Kadrmas noted.


“Frost Lake students are prepared to step into future learning opportunities because they are gaining the skills and mindset that supports exploration and creation as the foundation for their continuous education.”


Quick Facts About Frost Lake Elementary

K-5 Enrollment 536

Students who identify themselves as:

American Indian 1%

Asian American 49%

African American 29%

Hispanic American 12%

Caucasian American 9%

Students in English Language Learning 57%

Students in Special Education 14%

Students eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch 89%