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  • Congratulations to Ramsey County Public Health Award recipients!

    SPPS Public Health Award

    SPPS received an overall award for protecting the health of our community by promoting immunizations and collaborating to investigate disease outbreaks, like during the 2017 measles outbreak. 3 specific awards were presented, representing exemplar work:

    1. Dayton's Bluff Achievement Plus Elementary for 100% immunization rate.  Awarded to Pediatric Nurse Practitioner/school nurse Kerrie Samayoa and Principal Lena Christiansen for their comprehensive, wrap-around services provided to students and families.
    2. Mohamed Hadi, Somali Cultural Specialist from the Office of Family Engagement and Community Partnerships, showed leadership by reaching out to the Somali community at places where young families gather.
    3. Student Placement Center health services staff for educating families about what they need to start school and promoting immunization.

    Saint Paul Public Schools staff and Community Partners pictured above from left to right:

    • Anne Barry, Public Health Director
    • Nora Moore, Health Department Epidemiologist
    • Davita Petty, Health Department Program Analyst
    • Mary Yackley, Supervisor Student Healh and Wellness
    • Jodi Loveland, SPPS Resource Nurse for Immunization
    • Andrea Thompson, Health Assistant
    • Heather Kilgore, Director of Family Engagement and Community Partnerships
    • Kerrie Samayoa, Dayton's Bluff School Nurse
    • Lena Christiansen, Dayton's Bluff Elementary Principal
    • Gail Ghere, Interim Director of Specialized Services
    • Rafael Ortega, Commissioner