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    Celebrating Licensed School Nurses!


    LaNora Moore, Wellstone LSN: My favorite thing about being a school nurse is working with students and families to help make a difference in a student’s life, whether that is doing assessments to help them get glasses or hearing aids or helping them through a new diagnosis so they can better focus on school.  A healthy student is going to be a better learner.  There’s an education piece to my work that I take seriously.  I work hard to build good relationships with students and their families – it helps me understand their situation, and without judgement, share concerns I may have to help them.



    Lisa McSherry, Focus Beyond LSN: One big role of a school nurse that people may not be aware of is that we are a bridge between families, health care, and schools.  You really can make connections for students, and build connections from a health care perspective with families and teachers.  I really enjoy my role of coordinating that care.  I provide resources and education for students and their families that help them navigate the gaps in systems that can impact a student’s life.



    Jackie Pearl, Expo LSN: My favorite part of being a school nurse is working with children -- and helping them to be healthy so they can be better learners.  If kids don’t feel well they don’t perform to their potential.

    As a school nurse my job is promoting healthy lifestyles.  I work to help families and students learn how to manage their chronic diseases so the children are able to be at school healthy, ready to learn, and they spend less time at home sick.

    A lot of people who don’t know what school nurses do may think we just hand out band-aids, ice packs, and pills.  Honestly, that’s a small part of the job.  Health assessments, chronic disease management, and working with families so they have the resources they need are much larger parts of our job as school nurses.


    SPPS is currently hiring Licensed School Nurses (LSN), Job #: 1007573, and Health Assistant (HA), Job #: 1007574 or 1007575 for LPNs

    Apply online: SPPS Careers website